Work Packages

  1. S-T interactions and ionospheric effects in the current solar-cycle.
    chair: Paul Prikryl, e-mail: - cochair: Emilia Correia, e-mail:
    • Multi-instruments investigation of the upper atmosphere plasma dynamics and scintillation generation (SuperDARN, GNSS, ionosondes, VLF, etc..)
    • Scintillation climatology, TEC fluctuations, structure scale, C/N statistics, etc...
  2. Lower atmosphere delay in GNSS based systems (water vapor reconstruction etc...).
    chair: Monia Negusini, e-mail:
  3. Modelling and models testing.
    chair: Marcin Grzesiak, e-mail: pajak - co-chair: Luca Spogli, email:
  4. Data management strategy.
    chair: Vincenzo Romano, email: - co-chair: Pierre Cilliers, e-mail:
  5. Coordination with other programs inside and outside SCAR (e.g. URSI, CAWSES II, SuperDARN, EISCAT 3D,...).
    chair: M. Candidi, e-mail: